Woman who survived Nazi death camps returns to Auschwitz for possibly the final time

A 90-year-old North London woman who survived Nazi death camps and Jewish ghettos today returned to Auschwitz for possibly the final time.

Renee Salt of Hendon was determined to take part in events marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation by Russian troops in February 1945.

More than one million men, women and children were murdered at Auschwitz and its sister camp, Birkenau. Many were sent to the gas chamber.

Renee Salt at home in north London Credit: ITV News

Renee was transported to the Polish extermination facility with her parents in a railway cattle truck in 1944.

She believes her father Shaiek was killed soon after the train arrived.

When we arrived they opened up the doors screaming 'get off the train, get a move on be quick.' My father jumped off first and I jumped after him. By the time I jumped off I didn't see him anymore - without a kiss, without a goodbye he disappeared into thin air. I never saw him again. I asked many men from different camps if they met him in one of the camps - no one could tell me anything about it so - I suppose he must have been killed on arrival because he was very slim.

Renee Salt

Renee ended the war at another camp, Bergen-Belsen but her mother Sala died 15 days after being freed.

Renee has made frequent visits to Auschwitz in recent years but believes today could be her last trip to the memorial site.

She was due to attend a formal ceremony attended by government leaders and civic dignitaries including London mayor Sadiq Khan.

Renee Salt with London mayor Sadiq Khan Credit: ITV News

It is important for us to go back there especially with school children. People should know what happened and they should see. If you don't see it you can't believe what happened. I get very nervous. Very, very nervous but I go because I feel I have to I want people to know what happened. I see everything as it happened. I see everything from the day the war started until it finished I can see everything it's always in front of me.

Renee Salt