London Sketchbook: The show where grime meets Beethoven

It has all the elements of ballet: the dancing, classical music ... but then there is the grime.

Ballet and grime music might not seem like natural bedfellows but Lioness is at the heart of bringing the two together.

"I think it is so fun, I think it's like peanut butter and jelly (jam)," Lioness tells ITV News.

"People have decided they are going to put peanut butter with jelly and that's what they've done here, so I love it."

There will a showcase of this unique mix at Boxpark Wembley on Thursday night, called London Sketchbook, produced by Nat Powers with choreography from Alex Whitley.

"The piece is about London, so I have tried to speak about London about how it is for me, about how it is for other people."

Included in the ensemble is violinist Tanya Cracknell who specialises in grime and was spotted after posting a video of her playing on Instagram.

"I think I get the same feeling, almost, from Beethoven to grime," Tanya explains. "Only Beethoven, though, as he's my favourite."