Meet Bella Lack: London's teenage environmental campaigner

Environmentalist Bella Lack is looking for solutions to climate change.

The teenager thinks her home city of London can help instigate an adjustment in attitudes.

"Firstly, we need to have a big transformation in nature in the city, because we have sort of designated the city just for humans but we can't continue to live that way," Bella explains.

"We're in a park at the moment and we see this as the epitome of nature but there's nothing here, we need to have wild flower meadows and areas in parks for nature, we need many more urban farms so we can eat locally."

Bella is making a documentary. Credit: Bella Lack

Bella is currently filming a documentary which has taken her to Kenya, the west coast of the USA and Costa Rica.

A key part of Bella's activism is speaking on social media where she has discussed topics such whether she should have children in the future or not.

There are various ways she gets her messages across to her followers, including poetry.

"I wrote a poem called If Earth Could Speak from the perspective of earth.

"Environmentalist is quite anthropocentric, it's quite a lot about humans and we don't usually look at the perspective of other animals.

Bella is privileged to have the platform to discuss these important matters and will be hoping she help save the environment.