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Sadiq Khan: Streatham terror attack 'clearly foreseeable'

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said he is "angry" at the "lack of progress" made by the Government in its pledge to change anti-terror laws in the wake of the London Bridge attack last year.

Mr Khan said the Streatham attack on Sunday was "clearly foreseeable", and told ITV's Good Morning Britain:

One of the things we were promised in November when we had the two fatalities is that the Government would learn the lessons and make sure they would change the policies they brought in a few years ago...

But for an inch this way or that way, but for the brilliance of the medics and the speed of the police, there would have been two fatalities and many more. And that's one of the reasons why I'm not just frustrated but I'm angry at the changes made in the past and the lack of progress in making the changes we were promised in November.


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Asked how many jihadists were on the streets of London, Sadiq Khan said there were more than 70 people who have been convicted of a terrorist offence, served time in prison and have been released.

One of the questions I've got for the Government is what are we doing about those 70-odd people who have been released from prison?


The mayor said there were also more than 200 people currently in prison convicted of terrorist offences.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the Government is preparing to take action to end the automatic early release of prisoners currently in jail for terrorist offences.

Home Secretary Priti Patel, noting the recently-introduced measures including blocking the early release of terrorist offenders, paid tribute to police "who were able to act very swiftly and also prevent any other further acts of violence and to protect the public".