Soho evacuated again as another piece of Second World War bomb found

Police evacuated an area of Soho in central London for the second time in two days, after another piece of an unexploded Second World War bomb was found.

Officers set up a second cordon around Dean Street on Tuesday, following the removal of the half-tonne device the night before.

Staff in nearby offices posted further videos of the evacuations on Tuesday.One witness described "a lot of baffled and vaguely irritable businessmen gathering outside their offices", while "others seemed very happy to go home early".

After another piece of an unexploded Second World War bomb was found today Credit: PA

"It's a little disconcerting that we were allowed back in the building so soon after yesterday, not to mention the fact that it's been there for over 80 years," they added.

A Royal Engineers bomb disposal unit was previously called to dispose of the explosive, but a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said that they were waiting for confirmation from the Metropolitan Police that further assistance was required.

Police closed down the areas surrounding Dean Street, including Old Compton Street, Carlisle Place, Bateman Street, Frith Street, Saint Anne's Court and Wardour Street.

Evacuations took place in Dean Street,Richmond Mews, Meard Street and St Anne's Court.