Vincent van Gogh fans invited to follow in painter's footsteps on South Bank

Vincent Van Gogh's life has been turned into a multisensory experience.

The Dutch painter famously cut off his own ear and died penniless in 1890 but his work now fetches eye-watering sums.

Following "in the footsteps" of the artist, the Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience is opening on London's South Bank.

Featuring the Van Gogh Museum's collection of the painter's personal letters, it will recreate his life in his own words.

A three dimensional reproduction of Van Gogh's Wheatfield under thunderclouds

The museum said that much of Van Gogh's art is unable to tour because it is so fragile.

It wants to make the "artist's life and works accessible to a global audience".

The interactive display features projections, installations, set-work and a "compelling narrative".

It will cover Van Gogh's childhood in the Netherlands, his life in Paris, the Arles countryside, his asylum in St Remy, the wheat field where he fatally shot himself, and the way he has inspired others.

The artist lived for a period in Brixton, south London, and the inspiration he drew from the capital was the subject of a recent show at Tate Britain.

There is one question which has always divided many people about Vincent van Gogh... how do you pronounce his name? Who better to ask than his great-grandnephew Willem Van Gogh...

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