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London bus drivers to receive up to £1,600 but only if they stay for three years

Thousands of London bus drivers are to receive up to £1,600 under plans to help retain workers, it has been announced.

London's Mayor Sadiq Khan, whose father was a bus driver, said the move would affect around 20,000 employees amid concerns that retaining them was becoming increasingly challenging.

Figures show that bus drivers in the capital are most likely to leave their job in the first two years in the profession, with some of London's largest operators reporting a 30% average staff turnover within this time.

Under the plans, bus drivers will receive a payment of £1,000 after completing two years of service and will be eligible for a further £600 after their third year.

Drivers who have already completed three years' service when the scheme comes into effect will be entitled to £1,600 in a single payment.

Sadiq Khan said: "I'm really proud to launch this new reward and retention initiative which, along with my minimum professional London bus driver's wage will help us to retain more experienced bus drivers and deliver a better service for passengers and drivers alike."

Claire Mann, director of Bus Operations at Transport for London, added: "Service reliability is impacted by high staff turnover, so this scheme will not only benefit the drivers themselves, but will also help improve service reliability for customers.