RSPCA rescuers save pony from Storm Dennis floods

A team of animal rescuers who helped a trapped pony out of flooding caused by Storm Dennis believe it spent more than a day stuck in the water.

The RSPCA's water rescue team has worked "around the clock" over the past 72 hours to assess and rescue animals that may be in danger, the animal welfare charity said.

On Monday, its officers were called to a flooded field beside the River Wey in Guildford after locals raised concerns over a mare struggling to stay on dry ground.

The RSPCA's water rescue team were called out. Credit: PA/RSPCA

RSPCA animal welfare officer Carl Hone said his team had to wade across the "extremely deep" water to reach the pony, which they nicknamed Jemima Puddle Duck.

He added: "We believe the young mare - a trotter type - had been trapped on a very small wooded area of higher ground, between the A3 and the river, for a day or two as the floodwater around her had continued to rise and forced her further and further into the undergrowth."

Two officers eventually managed to swim across the water to secure a tether and lead the mare to safety.

Mr Hone said she had "been there for some time as she'd eaten the bark off all of the trees in the vicinity."

The pony was safely taken to land. Credit: PA/RSPCA

The charity said officers left a note for the pony's owners but the animal would move to an RSPCA rehoming centre if it remained unclaimed after 14 days.

The rescue was among 200 calls for help which the RSPCA responded to during and as a result of Storm Dennis, and the charity launched an emergency fundraising campaign which received more than £1,400 in donations in less than 24 hours.

The aftermath of the storm continued on Tuesday, with six severe flood warnings, indicating a danger to life, in place into the afternoon across England and Wales.