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Violent thug who headbutted a Tube worker at Bank station is jailed

A violent thug who headbutted a Tube worker at Bank station has been jailed for 26 weeks.

Christopher Howell Credit: British Transport Police

Christopher Howell, 50, from Lambeth attacked the worker as he tried to stop him getting on a packed train.

Howell headbutted him twice before grabbing the victim by the neck. Two members of the public, including an off duty officer, intervened before police arrived.

This was an outrageous act of violence towards an innocent member of Transport for London staff simply trying to do their job. Staff have every right to go to work without fear of violence and in this case, aggressive physical assault.

I am pleased to see the judge hand Howell a custodial sentence, which reflects the seriousness of this incident. We will do everything we can to investigate offenders like this and bring them to justice.

– PC Ricky Nielsen, British Transport Police