ITV News has discovered hundreds of tickets for Lewis Capaldi sell out shows at The O2 have been bought up by professional touts.

The singer said tickets sold out in just one second which left plenty of fans disappointed.

"I remember thinking no, no this can't be possible so i refreshed [the website], no tickets available. Went onto the next website and refreshed again, no tickets available", said fan Andrea Rodriguez.

Andrea said legitimate tickets were on sale on websites like Viagogo costing up to £300 which she couldn't afford.

Andrea Rodriguez

So how it is possible for some buyers to snap up huge quantities of tickets when some buyers couldn't even get one?

Adam Webb runs the campaign group Fanfare Alliance and described how one seller trading under the name MAG listed 150 tickets for resale on the website Viagogo.

It makes me highly suspicious whether those tickets have been listed speculatively which is possible - they haven't got the tickets but they're just listing them and they'll try to fill the orders at a later time. Or if they have got those tickets how have they acquired those tickets?

Andy Webb, FanFair Alliance

We've not been presented with any evidence from anyone of any nefarious behaviour in this case... We have a user agreement that strictly prohibits sellers from selling tickets sourced through criminal means.


ITV News also tried to track down the seller which proved difficult. The postcode listed for the company MAG leads to a street in Fitzrovia.

The address is just a five digit number so it's impossible to work out where they are or who they are.

Lewis Capaldi tweeted his fans to say he was trying to have tickets pulled off resale sites. His terms and conditions say they should not be resold for profit.