Police officers under investigation over Streatham attack crash

Two police officers called to the aftermath of the Streatham terror attack are under investigation for alleged dangerous driving and misconduct over a car crash.

The pair were travelling in convoy to the scene in south London on February 2 after Sudesh Amman, wearing a fake suicide vest, stabbed two people.

One of the officers, who was driving an unmarked police car, was involved in a crash with two other cars which left him and a member of the public with injuries.

His colleague, who was in a marked armed response vehicle, carried on to the scene of the terror attack.

A police forensic officer works at the scene in Streatham High Road

On Monday watchdog the Independent Office for Police Conduct said the pair were under investigation on suspicion of dangerous driving as well as alleged gross misconduct.

The Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents more than 30,000 officers in the force from the rank of constable to chief inspector, called the move "a complete joke".

The pair have been placed on restricted duties and are not allowed to drive police vehicles while the investigation is carried out.

The investigation into the crash is separate to the inquiry into the fatal shooting by police of Amman.