'Incredible book' challenges gender roles in emergency services

A children's book challenging gender roles in the emergency services has been described as incredible by a firefighter.

My Mummy Is A Firefighter is the seventh in a series of books encouraging girls to pursue careers in traditionally male-dominated fields, including science and the military.

Currently, the London Fire Brigade reports that 300 out of its 5,000 firefighters are women, making up 7% of its workforce.

Fran Flin, a firefighter on Orpington Blue Watch, who has been in the profession for 26 years, said: "The book is incredible. I love the theme. I've said before about educating our children to say 'firefighter' instead of 'fireman', and having a book like this on the shelves in school libraries will help the process of change.

"One day very soon, I believe we will have succeeded in changing perceptions of the fire service. I genuinely believe we are almost there."