Inventor creates waterproof headscarf to encourage more black and ethnic minority swimmers

A waterproof headscarf might be about to completely change some attitudes to swimming.

A survey carried out by Sport England found that 95 per cent of black people never go swimming.

A South London inventor thinks one of the big reasons for that is all to do with hair.

Danielle Obe came up with the idea of creating a headscarf to make life easier for black and Asian swimmers.

There are many barriers that preclude black, Asian and minority ethics from taking part in swimming. One of them being it's not really part of our culture. But one of the big barriers is the hair issue and the chlorine damage. Swim caps as we know them were never really designed to keep hair dry, they were designed to provide streamline and to stop hair getting into the face and eyes while swimming. Over the last couple of years people have assumed swim caps were meant to keep hair dry. Having struggled with the issue myself I thought there's got to be another way!

Danielle Obe