The Grenfell Tower Inquiry is considering shutting out most lawyers and the public, after one of its panel members fell ill with symptoms similar to coronavirus.

Architect and health and safety expert Thouria Istephan became unwell over the weekend, but it is too early to know whether she has contracted the virus.

After being invited to pause for reflection on how proceedings should move forward, the inquiry's chairman Sir Martin Moore-Bick said he was giving "serious consideration" to strictly limiting attendance.

He said it would allow interested parties to review evidence and documents online, and follow proceedings on a live video stream.

The inquiry could continue to question witnesses while "excluding from the room those whose presence is not strictly necessary", Sir Martin added, saying he would make a decision on the matter later after hearing submissions.

The retired appeal court judge added light-heartedly:

It won't come as a surprise to any of you that at least two people in this room might not be able to be here if the Government decides that over-70s should be banned from going out. Mr Mansfield and I certainly fall into that category.

Sir Martin Moore-Bick, Grenfell Inquiry chairman

The inquiry is due to hear evidence from Cate Cooney, of the fire safety engineers Exova, on Monday.

The inquiry said it is closely following official Government guidance on Covid-19 and has put in place "enhanced cleaning measures" on site.