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Quiet road to Wembley: Famous arch no longer the centre of a summer of sport

European football remains united in the hope of finishing the season during the summer after the postponement of Euro 2020 came at "huge cost".

Governing body UEFA made "the biggest sacrifice" to tackle the disruption to the football calendar caused by the coronavirus pandemic by agreeing to push the showpiece event back until next year.

For the first time since Euro 96 Wembley should have been hosting a major football tournament, but not now.

Credit: UEFA

The whole of the football world has come together over the last week both domestically and internationally. We fully support UEFA's decision and we're all in a scenario where fooball is not the most important thing in the world right now.


London was due to host seven matches including the semis and the final. But now the road to Wembley is deserted and the outlook for surrounding businesses is bleak.

We've got the equivalent of about sixty lots of twenty-twos - that's twenty two gallons of beer which would equate to me and my costs as about £20,000.

– MAL PREEDY, pub owner

On big match days more than 3,000 people drink at The Green Man at Wembley. No football means no chance the beer will be sold befoe it goes off.

Running a bar in Wembley is like having a bar in Spain or a bar in Greece where you have your season like your summer season and you rely on it. Which is what we have. We rely on the Wembley season which starts usually with the Carabao Cup and normally will finish with the Championship playoff. In those three months that's where we take 75% of our turnover.

– MAL PREEDY, pub owner

The virus has left fans frustrated too but the postponement offers a chance for domestic competitions to be completed.

Part of the thinking about the postponement of the Euros is it opens up the possibility that June might be available to domestic competitions to finish their programme. And that's something a lot of football fans would welcome. But we are continually at the mercy of a much bigger picture which is the public health pandemic.

– Kevin Miles, Football Supporters' Association

Next year's final will be on July 11th details are sketchy but UEFA has confirmed tickets will be rolled over or refunded in full.