London lockdown? Mayor Sadiq Khan and Prime Minister Boris Johnson to hold crisis talks

Mayor Sadiq Khan and Prime Minister Boris Johnson will hold crisis talks today amid growing speculation of a 'London lockdown'.

City Hall said scientific and medical experts have judged the spread of Coronavirus more advanced in London.

New figures showed 953 confirmed cases in the capital - a jump of 332 in 24 hours. Two weeks ago there were just four cases.

Transport for London is running fewer trains and buses and plans to close around 40 Underground and Overground stations.

Many commuters appear to be ignoring official advice to only make essential journeys.

Some rush hour tube trains were so busy it was impossible for passengers to abide by 'social distancing' advice.

People should not be travelling by any means unless absolutely necessary and that means they should be avoiding using the transport network unless absolutely necessary. I'm urging Londoners to only use public transport for essential journeys. Everyone should follow this and the other advice to help keep themselves and each other safe.