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'Don't steal our masks and alcohol gel' pleads London doctor

A London doctor pleaded with patients to stop stealing essential medical equipment including masks and alcohol gel.

Senior registrar Dr Julia Prague said vital supplies were going missing which could have a serious impact on medical staff being able to do their job.

It's really important that patients don't come in to steal our masks and alcohol gel. We need that to look after ourselves and look after your relatives.

If we're not there we won't be able to look after anybody.

There are many, many examples of that [theft] across the UK and often in patients challenging staff when we've asked them not to do so.

– Dr Julia Prague, Senior Registrar

Dr Julia Prague added some staff have even felt intimidated for their work ID cards.

I have personal experience from a colleague telling me that they are being intimidated for their NHS ID cards because organisations are trying to help us do our job and stay healthy.

We really need our cards to do our job, to do our work, to look after your relatives.

– Dr Julia Prague, Senior Registrar