Hundreds of businesses are having to rethink the way they operate to survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Many restaurants have become takeaways and keeping up with rocketing online demand means places of work need to adapt fast.

For the owners of kebab restaurant Le Bab life couldn't be more different.

We've really had to change the business completely. In fact, we've started a new business. We were a dine in restaurant and that trade totally evaporated.


When the order came to close the kitchen was full of food and its owners made the immediate decision to donate it all to NHS staff.

We just put something out on the company WhatsApp group saying if anyone wants to come in and help we're going to prepare all that food to send it off to the hospital. The response from our staff was unbelievable. The place was full, they all turned up.


As well as feeding doctors and nurses they are now delivering hot dinners to people's homes and the profit is used to pay their freelance staff, including chef Tom.

Unlike his colleagues on contracts isn't getting any help yet from the government.

Chef Tom Crowther

If they could get towards the 80 per cent [of paying salary] that would be fantastic. We're all doing the same job ultimately and just get paid for it differently.


Olivia also makes a living selling food and just like Ed she had seen her business model turned upside down.

Until now her products were mainly sold in supermarkets and health food shops.

Overnight we're seeing a lot of consumer behaviour changes and most people go online. So our online shop really hasn't been that much of a focus for us over the last couple of years but has now become a huge focus for us and we're trying to keep up with demand as people shop on there. I think what they [the Government] have offered if it works and works quickly is absolutely fantastic. But I think so many small companies won't have enough cash in the bank to wait that much longer. And because there will be so much demand for these grants and loans, small businesses like ours need the cash now.


Being able to pay the staff is just one of the many challenges. Day-to-day small businesses are having to get used to a totally different way of doing things.