A busker who usually performs among the markets in Covent Garden is instead singing daily to the street where she lives in south east London.

Fabienne Borget performs opera each day at midday to a growing audience of locals in Lewisham.

Fabienne said she didn't want the lockdown to stop her singing "that's my life!", she added.

I originally started for my mind because from singing every day - I’ve got many jobs but one of them being in Covent Garden being on the markets of Covent Garden - I’m one of the buskers. And I thought I need to sing! That’s my life!

Fabienne Borget

She added that music is important because it's packed with emotion and can help people relax.

We all meet at twelve o’clock and then we carry on with our lives. Music is vital because it’s full of emotions. And technically when you breathe you relax and I believe fully especially with this virus - we need to breathe. The audience has grown - they wait for me!

Fabienne Borget

People living nearby say the performances have become an important part of their new way of life.

It’s pretty amazing it keeps everyone’s spirits lifted. During the day we’re all stuck inside so it’s nice to have something to look forward to.