Cosmic Kids Yoga: The mindfulness workout entertaining more than a million children

More than a million children stuck at home during the lockdown have discovered a whole new way to keep fit courtesy of Cosmic Kids Yoga.

The energetic videos are the idea of Jaime Amor who's combined yoga workouts with some famous children's classics.

I grew up in Reading, England and studied acting. After I graduated (in between grown-up acting work) I entertained kids at birthday parties. I learned early on that movement was a great way to keep the kids focused on what we were doing together. I’d been doing yoga myself for a few years, and I started to incorporate yoga poses into the stories I was telling the kids. This led me to story-based kids yoga and in 2010 I started teaching it in schools and halls in our local area. In March 2012, Martin, my husband, suggested we should film some of the yoga stories I was doing in my classes and post them to YouTube, so that the kids could do them whenever they liked.

Jaime Amor

From Star Wars to Harry Potter and Moana to Frozen, no two videos are the same! Here are her top ten most popular...

  • Frozen

  • Ruby Broom ?

  • Betsy the Banana

  • Moana

  • Squish The Fish

  • Trolls

  • Popcorn the Dolphin

  • Minecraft

  • Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone

  • Star Wars