Engineers and mechanics working at incredible speed to boost the size of London's Ambulance fleet

Engineers and mechanics are working around the clock to boost the size of London's Ambulance fleet.

New ambulances are being fitted out and old ambulances are being reconditioned at incredible speed at a Transport for London bus garage in West Ham.

London Ambulance Service eventally plans to double the size of its fleet to around 650 ambulances and paramedic cars.

We're trying to get as many additional ambulances available and on the road as possible so we're in the best position to tackle coronavirus. We've got 116 vehicles coming through here in the next few days. Normally we'd commission two ambulances a week. But we've got 62 vehicles coming that we've worked with our suppliers to rush down here to be commissioned into service and we've got a further 54 second hand vehicles we've bought from other parts of the UK that will need to have equipment put on. They should all be on the road by the end of this week. >

Garrett Emmerson, Chief Executive of London Ambulance Service

London firefighters will co-crew ambulances and alongside paramedics as part of London's emergency medical response to coronavirus.

Speaking to ITV News, London Fire Commissioner Andy Roe said his fire crews were "ideal" for the role and and would get some extra training.

We’re stepping in to co-crew ambulances. You’re going to see hundreds of firefighters working alongside their ambulance colleagues providing an emergency medical response for London, for Londoners.

Andy Roe, London Fire Commissioner