Hygiene Bank: Appeal to donate the most basic items

Panic buying because of the coronavirus lockdown has left charities that distribute hygiene products struggling.

Even before the pandemic they were finding it difficult to meet the rising demand. Now the situation is becoming desperate.

I’ve been out making home deliveries and asking residents is there anything that if we can get, they would like. Everyone has been saying the same, just body wash, body cloths, toothpaste. Just simple things like that, that perhaps other people take for granted. When people are going into the shops and stockpiling it’s making it difficult for the likes of me that need to go in there and back up our stock.

Natasha Ricketts, volunteer at the Evelyn Community Centre

The charity Hygiene Bank was started in 2018. Its founder Lizzy Hall believes everyone has a right to feel clean and dignified and no one should be left struggling to wash their hair, brush their teeth, or have proper sanitary wear. She says she has also seen a reduction in donations.

These products aren’t life or death, but they are fundamental to a sense of dignity and mental well-being and our ability to impact society and interact in society. If Covid-19 has done anything it’s put the issue of hygiene on everybody's radar.

Lizzy Hall, Hygiene Bank

The food distribution charity Fare Share has offered to help get products to those who need them and after hearing some of the heart-breaking stories one of the country's largest retailers decided to step in with a donation of 200,000 products.

When you hear about families who had one toothbrush to share between two children and when they came to the Hygiene Bank the mother said, now you can have a toothbrush each. As a mother to two boys myself, that particularly touched me. That’s why we are so motivated at Boots to support Lizzie and support charities up and down the country.


The coronavirus lockdown means more families than ever are in need but everyone agrees they shouldn't have to prioritise food over hygiene. With the help of this campaign they won't have to.

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