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Mayor's reminder of London lockdown as warm weather approaches

By Sally Williams: ITV London Weather Presenter

Sunshine, blue skies and temperatures up to seven degrees above average. That’s the good news. The bad news is nothing has changed in terms of lockdown.

Warm air moving across the country this Sunday Credit: Met Office

The fine weather expected this Sunday in particular will be easier to bear if you have a garden or even a balcony. But otherwise a frustrating few days lie ahead.

Why is the weather so fine? We have a warmer air mass moving up from Spain and France.

Coupled with sunshine on Sunday that is likely to bring temperatures up, peaking at 20 degrees in parts of London. That said, a moderate breeze might take the edge off a little - particularly on the coast.

Sun sets behind London's famous skyline Credit: PA

It's staying pleasant into next week as well following a little rain overnight on Sunday into Monday morning.

However, London's Mayor Sadiq Khan reminded Londoners today we are still in lockdown and heading out to enjoy the weather in public is not an option.

What I don’t want is police officers having to police parks. If it is the case that people use the good weather to have a picnic or BBQ in public parks or play team sports – that’s wrong, that’s dangerous and the police will be there as a last resort to enforce the law.

– Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

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