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Londoner reaches the summit of Ben Nevis from inside his own flat

Matt Warren climbed Ben Nevis from the staircase inside his home. Credit: Matt Warren

Matt Warren from East London is used to enjoying the outdoors and getting out and about.

But like many of us right now he's choosing to stay indoors to protect the NHS as they tackle the outbreak of Covid-19.

Despite having to stay at home, this didn't deter Matt from staying fit and active.

Last week he set himself a physical challenge like no other.

His goal was to climb to the top of Ben Nevis and back down again (1,345m) in one go, whilst raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières charity.

It took Matt Warren just over 2 hours to climb Ben Nevis using his home staircase. Credit: Matt Warren

He ditched his crampons for his slippers and replaced the mountain with his staircase at home.

When he reached the top and before heading back down again he even pitched up a tent and in proper camping style paused to have a little tipple to celebrate reaching the summit.

But Matt said the picturesque view of his wardrobe from the top didn't quite compete with the views on top of Ben Nevis.

Matt pitched up his camping tent before reaching the summit. Credit: Matt Warren

After 2hrs 15 mins, 538 flights of stairs (up and down) later and some very sore knees on his way back down - he completed his staircase mission.

Matt raised more than one thousands pounds for Medicins Sans Frontieres Credit: Matt Warren/Twitter

This isn't the first mountain Matt has climbed from inside his home.

He had already climbed Scafell Pike (391 staircase ascents).

Matt has raised so far more than one thousand pounds for Médecins Sans Frontières and is now thinking about his next staircase challenge.