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'I got her a few bits just to keep her going': Edmonton postman delivers kindness to a customer in need

A hero postman delivered kindness to the front door of a customer in north London who was running low on essential supplies.

Food, milk and flowers left on Cathy's doorstep Credit: Twitter/Claire Hillman/@silvervexcebo

Ali Yilmaz left milk, eggs, fruit and a bunch of flowers on the doorstep of Cathy Drury in Edmonton after she became worried about getting food.

Ali said he wanted to help because he knew Cathy was vulnerable and struggling with the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

Ali Yilmaz speaking to Cathy on her doorstep

It was going to be hard for her to get out and get a few bits for herself with this [coronavirus] pandemic.

And with the rush with shoppers running for toilet paper so I got her a few bits just to keep her going.

– Ali Yilmaz, postman

At first no one knew the identity of the mystery postman but after a tweet from Cathy's niece went viral the internet soon tracked him down!

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On Twitter Ali replied:

Wow, I'm speechless, Thank you for all your lovely comments, it really is a pleasure to help at this difficult time. Nice to feel appreciated, postie Ali at your service! ;-)

– Ali Yilmaz, writing on Twitter

Cathy's niece, Claire, said: "Stuff like this really restores your faith in humanity. However my twitter notifications are now blowing up!" Cathy said it was "just wonderful" someone did such a kind thing.