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London bus driver who died after testing positive for coronavirus 'was worried about driver protection'

The son of bus driver who died after testing positive for coronavirus said his dad was worried about protection for drivers.

Bus driver Nadir Nur with his 10-month-old daughter, Sahra Nadir

Nadir Nur, 48, was described by his family as a "dedicated, hardworking" father who took his duty as an essential worker seriously.

But his son, Yusuf Nur, said he felt he was at high risk of being exposed to the virus.

As a key worker he was basically at the front line of the initial wave of this virus.

Even before the quarantine my dad would express his worries as there weren't adequate guidelines to protect bus drivers and other key workers in other areas.

Being mildly asthmatic he was worried what impact it would have had on him if he caught the virus.

– Yusuf Nur, son

London Mayor Sadiq Khan was today under growing pressure to give bus and Tube drivers masks and gloves following the deaths of 14 transport workers.

Union leaders have criticised Transport for London for failing to provide Personal Protective Equipment at bus garages and Underground depots.

A London bus driver wearing a protective face mask

On a number of occasions we've sought advice from not just Public Health England, not just the Department for Transport, not just the Department for Health but also the World Health Organisation.

What they've told us is that Personal Protective Equipment should only be used in care settings.

There is a shortage of PPE anyway for the NHS and social care staff. As recently as yesterday we chased the government on this. Their advice is quite clear - that transport workers should not be wearing PPE.

– Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Nine bus workers, including drivers have died after testing positive for coronavirus. The other victims include three London Underground workers and an employee at TfL headquarters in Southwark.