Meet the 'portable priest' aiming to deliver hope across London

A vicar is hoping to lift the spirits of Londoners by offering a mobile church service in response to the coronavirus crisis.

"Portable priest" Pat Allerton has been visiting residential streets in the capital to deliver a prayer and play a hymn through a speaker during mass closures of places of worship.

The 41-year-old, who says he is observing social distancing and regards the travel as essential, holds a 10-minute service from his car at a different spot every day.

Vicar Pat Allerton

"It's just a community activity and it's not as if we've got a lot else to do, why don't you just join in," he said.

"Come to your window or your doorway and join in the singing, be part of your neighbourhood and community for that brief moment."

The vicar at St Peter's church in Notting Hill, who was ordained in 2010, said he would stop "in a moment" if told to do so by authorities.

But he hopes he will be able to continuing "lifting spirits" during the pandemic after receiving thousands of messages of thanks online.

Rev Allerton said he is now considering walking to the destinations rather than driving to minimise his travel.