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Unleash your inner creativity and become a composer in your own home

In the midst of lockdown many Londoners are unleashing their inner creativity. Fancy being a composer? It's easier than you think.

Paul Pritchard is a sound engineer at Abbey Road Studios and has worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran. We gave him the challenge of remixing an uplifting version of the ITV News London theme tune... have a listen below.

Fancy giving a go? There's plenty of free software around for budding composers...

Free recording/sequencing Software for Mac Laptops/computers

  • Garage Band (Often comes already installed)

  • Logic Pro X Currently free trial for 90 Days

Free recording/sequencing software for Mac/PC

  • Pro Tools First
  • Ableton

Free apps for iOS and Android

  • Topline dor recording overdubbing and sharing ideas, free

Free apps for iOS

  • ikaossilator for beats and crazy sounds! Currently free