Lives at risk by rogue drivers turning London’s deserted streets 'into lethal racetracks'

Lives are being put at risk by rogue drivers turning London’s deserted streets into lethal racetracks, according to the police.

One car was clocked at 134mph in a 40mph zone on the A10 in north London. The driver, who was doing more than three times the legal speed limit, was caught.

Another illegal racer escaped after reaching speeds of 142mph on a 50mph stretch of the A13 in east London. Police officers decided it was unsafe to continue the chase but are still looking for the driver.

Traffic on the capital’s roads has dropped by 50% since the start of the lockdown, according to Transport for London.

Empty streets within sight of Canary Wharf, in east London

TfL and the police said excessive speeding threatened the lives of cyclists and pedestrians and could put an extra strain on the NHS.

On a single day police caught a driver doing 135mph in 40mph zone on the A13 in east London and another doing 140mph on part of the A3 in south west London with a 70mph limit.

With the impact of Covid-19 taking effect, we are seeing less congestion on London’s roads; however, frustratingly evidence is emerging that this has led some drivers to drive at extreme speed, risking their life and that of other roads users.


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Breaking the speed limit is dangerous and especially reckless during this time of national crisis. Action will be taken against drivers who put themselves and others at risk.