On the 14th day of each month Grenfell's community comes together to remember loved ones who died and to continue the campaign for change.

Tonight, with the country in lockdown and people social distancing, the community will come together in a different way. And you can join in too by watching online.

Grenfell's silent walk will become a virtual walk to remember the 72 lives lost.

"Even apart, we are still together for justice", said Grenfell United - the group representing families of victims and survivors.

At least once a month, the 14th, was marked by us coming together in the hundreds, sometimes thousands. The scary thing is at Grenfell there were a lot of things that happened and there are sad things happening at the moment and more failings happening currently. Our campaign and everything we stood for has always been to prevent unnecessary loss of life. And we need to come together as a nation and stay together strong as a community.

Ziad Cred, Grenfell Silent Walk

You can watch the virtual walk from 7pm on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.