Retired police officers returning to the frontline to help 'whatever way they can' during the pandemic

Hundreds of retired police officers have returned to work during the coronavirus pandemic to help in whatever way they can.

The first intake of ten officers with more than 250 years experience between them has started as part of the Special Constabulary.

Among them is Pc Stuart Hepburn who spent 30 years with the Met Police before retiring in 2017.

Stuart Hepburn spent much of his career with the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection team guarding sites like the old American Embassy.

In his new role he will be with the emergency response team based out of Charing Cross and could easily be called to put his health on the line dealing with people who have coronavirus.

Former American Embassy building in central London

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend showed most Londoners are following advice and staying at home. If Pc Hepburn spots anyone flouting the rules he plans to fall back on his experience of the tried and tested methods of persuasion.

The first wave of officers answering the call of duty has more than 250 years of experience between them and along with PC Hepburn they'll be out on the streets displaying the best of British policing in the next few days.