Supermarket workers 'should be trained' to recognise abuse victims' code words

Supermarket workers should be trained to recognise code words from domestic abuse victims whose only opportunity to seek help may be during the weekly shop, the Victims Commissioner said.

While the school gates used to be a place where women could speak out, the coronavirus lockdown has reduced opportunities to get support, and some women may only be leaving the home to visit shops or pharmacies.

Victims Commissioner Dame Vera Baird said the Government must adapt to the new normal brought on by Covid-19, by providing a "system of rescue" in the places where victims are most likely to frequent during the crisis.

Now, the equivalent of course is the supermarket, so you may be a very controlled person but the likelihood is you are sent out to buy the food, and also of course pharmacies. We urgently need to copy the French model ... which is to have emergency provision available in supermarkets and pharmacies.

Dame Vera Baird, Victims Commissioner