Middlesex University uses laser cutters and plastic sheets to make protective equipment for the NHS

At Middlesex University study and students have been replaced by the production of personal protective equipment for the NHS.

At the campus in Hendon four laser cutters have been working flat out making straps for visors. In a separate area upstairs, teams attach them to plastic sheets.

The idea to do this came up just a few weeks ago, and it didn’t take long before the university’s first visors were tried out at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore.

Their response was “How many more can you make?”

We timed how long it took to cut one and it was just over a minute so we thought roughly if we got all four laser cutters going we could do around a thousand a day.

NICK WALDIN, Technical Tutor, Engineering and Computer Science

The team of volunteers, who are all staff members at the university, are now able to make 13,000 visors a week. The only cost to the NHS is the price of the materials.

I'm really happy that I can help in some way. I can barely imagine what the healthcare workers are going through - they are working in a high risk environment with so much pressure so it's been really humbling and I'm just happy I can help.

JOANA MIRANDA, Graduate Academic Assistant, Robotics

Every two days the visors, which protect the eyes and face, are collected by the NHS to distribute where needed. Hospital workers have already expressed their gratitude.

Visors are a critical part of personal protective equipment to help protect eyes and face as staff are delivering personal care. Each and every one of these has helped protect and keep safe caring for patients with Covid-19 infections. Thank you for everything that you're doing.

PAUL FISH, Chief Nurse & Deputy Chief Executive, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

I have no shortage of staff wanting to help. I have about 70 people on the list waiting for the opportunity to contribute to such a good cause. And to be part of it I think it makes everyone proud.

Prof MEHMET KARAMANOGLU, Head of Design, Engineering and Mathematics

With huge pressure on supplies of PPE during the coronavirus pandemic, the university is offering help to others who want to make the kit too.

And for as long as there is a need, the university team will keep providing.