'Numbers going through the roof!': Inside the Tottenham foodbank feeding over 1,000 people

A foodbank in Tottenham is feeding over 1,000 people each week as the near shutdown of London brings huge hardship for many.

Among them is father of one Martin Herbert who drove a school bus until the lockdown began. His income was low but he has never had to use a food bank - until now.

I've got no work coming in because of all that's happened. I work part-time as well, so it's good this food bank is here, otherwise I wouldn't be able to eat and live.


Martin's story is repeated by more people in the queue at Tottenham Food Hub. "I'm here because I'm on a low and income and needed some extra help really," said Andre Cole.> Run by the Peace Alliance with the support of the Felix Project, the scheme has only been going for a year.> With breakfast clubs and free school meals gone they are now seeing record numbers of people coming through the door.

What's going on with the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen our numbers go through the roof. We had about 500, 600 people, now we're going up to over 1,000. They have different needs. The lockdown is saving lives, but at the same time people are struggling. People don't have jobs, people don't have the financial resources to maintain looking after their families.

Rev NIMS OBUNGE, Peace Alliance

People using Tottenham Food Hub come from all races, age groups and backgrounds. This pandemic has affected everyone and in different, sometimes tragic ways.>On March 28th the chairman of Peace Alliance, Terry Mansfield, died after being diagnosed with Covid-19. His wife also has coronavirus.

Helen [his wife] is getting better, so that's positive but it's just so painful for us within the Peace Alliance that we've lost such a strong mentor and great Champion. Terry believed in what we did. He believed in the community.

Rev NIMS OBUNGE, Peace Alliance

Supporting the community is what Tottenham Food Hub does but there's not enough food to meet demand.

The queues just keep growing so they are depending on the generosity and kindness of supporters to remember the people who really have to struggle to survive.