Army of AFC Wimbledon fans delivers food to those in need during coronavirus crisis

An army of football fans in Wimbledon is delivering food to those in need during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Dons Local Action Group is helping residents and families across Merton and giving much needed company to those who are alone.

Among those helping out are Cordelia, 14, and Cameron, 12, who are delivering food parcels to doorsteps.

There are so many people who can't leave their house and people who aren't eating because they don't know what to do.


I'm quite fortunate that I have food and a roof over my head. But some people can't afford things like that so I don't mind giving some of my time to help them.


Cordelia and Cameron along with 400 volunteers from the Dons Local Action Group have already delivered more than 3,000 parcels, including to Vera, who's 87.

I had a few things in, tinned stuff. But fresh vegetables and fruit I wouldn't have had that. It has made a lot of difference - and just to see somebody once a week, even if they just stand at the gate.

Vera Aldridge

AFC Wimbledon's bar has been transformed into a base where volunteers are sorting thousands of items donated by the public.

I just can't believe how much we've been given, there's just so much stuff! Anything from pasta to nappies to cereals. There is just so much stuff. It's all been given by shoppers on their way in, we tell them what we need and then on the way out they are donating. Fantastic generosity.

XAVIER WIGGINS, Dons Local Action Group

It's all benefitting the community but it's also been a learning experience that everyone involved will remember for the rest of their lives.