Charity helps 'forgotten parents' homeschooling children with special educational needs

By Chloe Keedy

Homeschooling continues to be a challenge for families across the capital. For parents and children with special educational needs, it is proving tougher still.

Hackney mums Charlotte Pearson and Kiesha McInnis set up the charity AS1 to support other families like theirs.

They say that since lockdown began they've had hundreds of parents getting in touch and asking for help and telling them that they feel forgotten.

I'm struggling to find the way to teach him and he gets frustrated and shuts down. It breaks my heart because he has come so far but there is definitely going to be a regression.

Charlotte Pearson

Chase was offered a place at school during lockdown but his severe asthma means he can't leave the house.

Charlotte is trying to teach him using learning materials that have been made available online. But she says it is "once size fits all" and not adapted for Chase's needs.

The government says it is prioritising support for the most vulnerable children, and is looking at how to make the system more flexible so that local councils can help the families who need it most.

Youo can find more information about AS1 on Twitter an Facebook.