First female paramedic in Essex celebrates 40 years in the NHS

Essex first female paramedic celebrates 40 years working in the NHS Credit: Sally Pattie

A paramedic from Essex is celebrating 40 years of working for the NHS.

Sally Pattie was the first ever female paramedic in Essex and is celebrating her 40th anniversary working for the NHS.

She was also once appointed as the paramedic for the Queen at the opening of the Queen Elizabeth II bridge in 1991.

Sally Pattie was the paramedic for the Queen. Credit: Sally Pattie

"When I first joined, paramedic wasn't something we heard very often - it wasn't a familiar word. So when the role was introduced, I did it - that was a big milestone doing that. And because I was the first female paramedic in Essex I was selected for some rather nice little jobs. I had a secondment with the police helicopters. I was also at the opening of the QE II bridge. That is my claim to fame."

Sally Pattie
Sally Pattie did a secondment with the Police helicopters. Credit: Sally Pattie

She wasn't able to celebrate her 40 year milestone with the rest of her family.

But they said they are all really proud, including her daughter Hannah.

Sally wasn't able to celebrate her achievement with the rest of her family. Credit: Sally Pattie

"She is a real-life superhero, especially in our eyes. She does so much for everyone and especially with everything going on. She is out there on the frontline and we couldn't be more proud of her."

Hannah Pattie- Belleli, Sally's daughter

Every Thursday, the nation shows their appreciation by clapping for NHS workers like Sally and other key workers.

Sally said she is "amazed" by all the support.

"The support is phenomenal. It's nice to know people are behind us and appreciate what we are doing."

Sally Pattie

Sally also received a special thank you message from one of her favourite singers, Olly Murs.