Prince William allows air ambulance helicopters to land near Kensington Palace

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The Duke of Cambridge has come to the aid of air ambulance helicopters needing a convenient site to refuel by allowing them to land in Kensington Palace’s grounds.

William, a former air ambulance helicopter pilot, has granted London’s Air Ambulance Charity permission to use Perks Field close to the royal residence.

Crews were having to fly to RAF Northolt in west London to refuel after Battersea Heliport closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

But if the palace site – used by helicopters carrying members of the royal family – is closer they will be able to land at Perks Field, saving valuable time.

We are grateful to the Royal Household for allowing us to refuel London’s Air Ambulance at Kensington Palace.

Captain Neil Jeffers, chief pilot for London’s Air Ambulance Charity

In March, William became the patron of London’s Air Ambulance Charity – a service he understands well as he served as a helicopter pilot with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, flying missions for two years before stepping down in July 2017 to focus on his royal duties.