Deaf nurse calls for see through PPE face masks to help medics lip read

A deaf frontline nurse told ITV News how she found it impossible to communicate with patients and colleagues because of PPE masks.

The healthcare worker, who spoke anonymously, explained how the situation was "horrendous" because she couldn't lip read what's being said.

"Even before Covid-19 my job wasn't easy because I have to be extra aware to make sure I don't miss out vital information. My eyes are my ears," she said.

Shola Efua does not want to use her real name because she fears the consequences of speaking publicly.

Shola says the situation has become even more difficult now people are wearing masks.

Shola is appealing to the NHS and the government to make it compulsory for all PPE masks used by medics to have transparent windows so their mouths can be seen.

The type of mask Shola would like people to wear is a surgical mask with a clear window where you can lip read and see lips which makes communication a lot easier.

It's a simple solution which may cost a little more but clear communication is crucial, not just for deaf front line medical staff like Shola, but also the patients they care for.