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Doctor uses magic tricks to help patients cope with anxiety

A London doctor is using magic tricks to help people manage their mental health during the coronavirus lockdown.

Credit: Dr Mahesh Chhaya, Twitter/@drmagicmagician

Dr Mahesh Chhaya's social media videos give tips on managing wellbeing as well as informing people about the virus.

He started making the videos in self-isolation after treating a patient with Covid-19.

I came up with the idea of combining my passions - magic and medicine - a very unusual combination.

But I thought why not use something so powerful such as magic to give a healthcare message?

– Dr Mahesh Chhaya, @drmagicmagician
Credit: Dr Mahesh Chhaya, Twitter/@drmagicmagician

Dr Chhaya was first inspired to use magic when he saw the impact it had on patients during his time working in a hospice.

During my GP training I was dealing with a patient who was end of life. He was low in spirits for a couple of days.

I put down my pen and paper and told him I do magic and said 'do you want to see a trick?'

I showed him a trick and he said to me 'that has put a smile on my face and brightened my day up!'

– Dr Mahesh Chhaya, @drmagicmagician

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