Working from home: Will our lives be the same again?

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For thousands of Londoners doing business from home means a better work life balance and the chance to avoid rush hour and the expensive commute.

During lockdown boardrooms have been swapped for bedrooms so could the way we work change forever?

Lawyer Henry Medell misses parts of office life but believes investment should be in people and not property.

A survey of more than 1,000 employees found:

  • 95% see the benefits of working from home, including cutting the commute and saving money

  • 55% missed the social interaction

  • 56% wanted employers to support home working

Source: Tiger Recruitment

Commercial real estate investors CBRE believes big business will always want big offices.

The boss of Barclays has hinted huge 7,000 people offices could be a thing of the past. And other City bosses are seeing the benefits of flexi working.

But there are plenty of people who like working in an office especially when schools are closed.

There's broad agreement that offices are still vital for social interaction and that personal touch. But with home office working taking some of the strain will there be enough demand to justify the development planned for London over the next decade?