London rush hour commuters 'nervous' after PM announces careful steps to ease lockdown

London Waterloo Station on Monday morning

Commuters said they were worried about having to travel on busier trains as some returned to work following the gradual easing of coronavirus lockdown measures.

Passenger numbers remained low at Waterloo station – which is normally one of London’s busiest – during Monday morning’s rush-hour, with only a few dozen walking through the main concourse at any one time.

It came after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Sunday that people who cannot work from home should be “actively encouraged” to return to their jobs, but should avoid public transport if at all possible.

Traffic builds as commuters travel into London by car on the A1203 in London on Monday morning

Commuter Gerry Tiernan, who is head of production in the costume department at English National Ballet, said she is “worried” about increased passenger numbers.

Doctor James Wilson, 29, who works at West Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth, said he is “very nervous” about how his commute will change over the coming weeks.

Peter Osu said he was returning to work at a construction site for the first time since the lockdown started.

Valentin Iluca, from East Ham in east London, said that despite London Underground services being busier than normal, people were maintaining social distancing.

Meanwhile, there were signs of increased traffic on the roads in the capital on Monday morning, with data published by location technology firm TomTom showing that the level of road congestion in London at 8am was 20%, up from 16% a week earlier.>The figures represent the proportion of additional time required for journeys compared with free-flow conditions.