Tottenham's new stadium in north London is offering maternity services to expectant mothers to free up NHS capacity.

Tottenham is the first football club to be used like this by the NHS starting a trend across the country.

The unit at Spurs was up and running in just a week and has been making a big difference to the local community.

We wanted to make sure our ladies locally felt very safe and we wanted to keep them protected and feeling they wanted to keep their appointments.

Maria Kane, North Middlesex Hospital

The number of women going to antenatal appointments dropped because of concerns about coronavirus.

The new venue at Spurs offers more space to ensure social distancing and keeps women away from the hospital until they have their baby.

We have noticed that our attendance rate has gone up since we moved down here. And the reports from women are that they enjoy coming here and they feel much safer.

Hazen Cathcart, Acting Head of Midwifery

To be able to come and see patients seeing the stadium it is unique and it's something none of us would have expected would happen.

Rogers Kalende, Ultrasound manager

The unit has been getting the thumbs up from mothers who say it feels just like being in a hospital. So at Spurs, even without football, there is plenty to celebrate.