Lego Lockdown Movie: Teddington family creates short film about the way the world has changed

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If you've taken to doing some building work during lockdown, can it beat this?

One family in Teddington was inspired by bricks of the small and plastic variety, and have created a short film about life under lockdown.

Will Gould and his sons Huxley, 11, and Cooper, 9, created a Lego Lockdown Movie from their home, set to the sounds of Abba's 1981 hit "The Day Before You Came" - the lyrics lending themselves remarkably well to the way our lives suddenly changed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Will says it's hard to work out exactly how long it took them to create the film, but a best guess is that it was around 50 hours over about two weeks.

We were a couple of weeks into isolation and it was feeling very strange and we had a lot more time on our hands.

Will Gould

Cooper says the final film was worth the effort and it ended up being "amazing".

His older brother, Huxley, also found it to be a good distraction to the realities of life in lockdown.

Especially in lockdown it's good to do something that takes your mind off things and that you can keep coming back to. It's good to do something that's creative and different.


The six-and-a-half minute film is melancholy at times, but also has an air of wit and optimism, as it looks at the new ways we keep in touch, and even the prospect of meeting new friends. It has already proved popular online, having been viewed tens of thousands of times.>The film in full can be watched here and do keep a look out for a cameo appearance from Chewbacca!