Advice and support for dealing with grief and mental health

mental health general image (PA)

Even as lockdown starts to be eased it's hard to imagine a time when it was more important to look after our mental health.

There is support for people who are finding life a struggle and who need a helping hand. No one should suffer in silence.

Coronavirus is affecting mental health in general - causing disruption, uncertainty and anxiety. It is also:

  • Adding to specific triggers (eg food, hygiene)

  • Undermining existing coping strategies

  • Accentuating existing physical health problems

  • Causing social deprivation and acute financial pressure

  • Creating difficulties accessing support

  • Putting people at risk of violence and abuse

Among the charities offering help is Grief Encounter who offer support to bereaved children and young people.

During the pandemic the charity has extended its services to frontline workers affected by grief.

For more information visit the Grief Encounter website.

Other ways of getting help include: