Hospitals have started opening 'wobble rooms' to help nurses feeling the mental strain of dealing with coronavirus.

The special rooms are designed for nurses who need "time out" or are feeling stressed.

It comes after the Royal College of Nursing said it had seen a sharp rise in calls with hundreds of medics feeling anxious or worried.

"They have created these rooms as somewhere they can take themselves out of their current situation," said Lisa Elliott from the Royal College of Nursing.

Some hospitals have also given staff access to psychologists who offer counselling and support.

They are anxious about having access to personal protective equipment and to be able to get tested. They are worried about working while pregnant. Nurses have also gone through hugely stressful situations.

Lisa Elliott, Royal College of Nursing

A lot of nurses coming back from stressful shifts also have to self isolate when they get home, cut off from their families so they don't infect them.

A group which campaigns to make sure medical staff can get the mental health support they need launched its own drive to improve support.

The Laura Hyde Foundation said it wants to make sure everyone is aware of the pressures faced by medical staff in hospitals.

Camapaign by the Laura Hyde Foundation Credit: Laura Hyde Foundation

Our campaign is to get the wider public aware. We have all shown appreciation for our carers with initiatives like 'Clap for Carers'.

Imogen Landers, Laura Hyde Foundation