Woman helping station staff spat at by man in Mile End underground station

The British Transport Police are appealing for information Credit: PA

The British transport police are appealing for information after a man threatened staff at Mile End Tube station before spitting on a member of the public on Thursday morning.

The Transport Salaried Staffs Association said the man, who did not have a ticket, demanded that the station staff open the barriers. Staff asked him to step back so they could safely social distance, but he became aggressive and swore at a female customer who intervened, and spat at her.

The British transport police attended the scene and conducted a full search of the area but the man was not found.

Transport for London have said they appalled that anyone could consider spitting at someone else especially during a national health emergency.

Spitting is a vile form of assault at any time,leaving a lasting impact on victims. Safety is our absolute priority and we will continue doing all that we can to protect our staff and customers.