London’s businesses should continue to allow staff to work from home where possible despite travel restrictions being eased, according to Transport for London.

Employers can “play a part in controlling the coronavirus” by reducing the number of people who need to commute, TfL said.

Firms have also been asked to limit the number of deliveries and servicing trips – or ensure they are carried out during off-peak periods – to cut congestion.

A TfL worker deep cleans a Victoria Line tube train

TfL is operating around 75% of Tube services and 85% of bus services.

But it warned that, even when frequencies return to normal, the number of passengers who can travel “safely” would be “constrained to around 13%-15%”.

Entry to stations will be restricted “if necessary”, with officers from British Transport Police deployed to help manage crowds.

As national restrictions on movement are gradually relaxed and people who can’t work from home begin to return to their workplaces, we are safely ramping up our services as quickly as possible. But a huge transport challenge remains, with social distancing meaning that the number of people we can safely carry is significantly constrained. That’s why we are working closely with the mayor and the local boroughs to provide a huge range of new walking and cycling facilities. It’s also why we and London’s businesses need to work closely together, as we always do, to ensure that their employees can get around safely. Businesses can do this by ensuring their employees have all the latest guidance from the Government and TfL and continue to advise everyone to work from home where possible, avoid public transport, walk or cycle where possible, and – if using public transport is essential – travel outside of peak hours and wear a face covering.

Mike Brown, London’s Transport Commissioner