Five families under one roof: Asylum seeker's story of how 'social distancing is impossible'

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A woman sharing a house with nine people while seeking asylum in the UK has described how social distancing is impossible.

Speaking anonymously to ITV News she revealed how kitchens and bathrooms were shared between five families. She said no one had contacted her about how to stay safe during the pandemic.

Caring for people requires coordination, something The Magpie Project knows all about.

The team is working through lockdown helping people, like our anonymous interviewee, who have no access to public funds.

The Home Office says the policy applies to those with temporary immigration status to protect public money.

Since lockdown began Newham Council says it's been helping people with no recourse to public funds by supplementing Home Office allowances and moving people into larger accommodation.

In a statement the Home Office said:

After four years of waiting our interviewee is now waiting for official government documents to confirm her status after finally being granted leave to remain in the UK.