A London mental health trust has promised a full and robust investigation into the death of a man who took his own life hours after being allowed out of hospital for a short break.

Marcus Malachi

Marcus Malachi's family say his death was preventable and he was let down by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Marcus Malachi had a history of mental health issues.

At the end of April he had a severe psychotic episode and his family believed he would get the help he needed.

But just a few days after being admitted he took his own life. Marcus was just 27 years old.

Marcus Malachi

His sisters believe despite asking for help he wasn’t listened to. They said there are questions into their brother's care that have not yet been answered.

There needs to be more involvement with families and the patients, because he actually presented himself and said that he needed help and he wasn’t listened to. Us as a family we weren’t listened to.


Marcus was the youngest of four children and the only boy. He first became ill back in 2017, two years after his mother died of cancer.> In the last few months since the pandemic his condition has got worse.> In the space of two days at the end of April, he attempted to take his own life 3 times.> He was then sectioned at Maudsley Psychiatric Hospital on the 2nd May.> Four days later he was discharged by his doctors against the wishes of his family.> His eldest sister pleaded for her brother not to be released but she said the doctor wouldn’t listen to her.

He was like, I've assessed him twice and he's improved. His state of mind has improved. I asked him again, please not to and he said that was his decision. The Section was going to be lifted".

Tanya Agyeman , Sister

Why are you discharging him? Why has the Section been removed after just three days? Considering he attempted to take his life three times, just five days before. It made no sense.

Venisha Carr, sister

Within the space of 24 hours, Marcus realised how unwell he was and readmitted himself as a voluntary patient.>And the following day he was transferred to Lambeth hospital.>By the 10th May doctors there decided he was well enough to leave the grounds for a short break. His family weren't told and four hours later Marcus had taken his own life.

In a statement the NHS Trust responsible for Marcus's care said:

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr Marcus Malachi following this tragic incident. We would like to reassure everyone affected that there will be an inquest to fully understand the circumstances surrounding Mr Malachi's death and in addition, the Trust will hold a full and robust internal investigation. Pending the outcome of the investigation we will take steps to review our policies and procedures.

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

The sisters have set up a petition detailing their brother's case in the hope the next time a family faces the same dilemma they will be listened before any tragedy occurs.

He definitely wanted to get well. He had aspirations. He wanted to live and this is why we are so distraught.

Sophie Jones, sister